Benoit Rostykus

I am a Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Databricks with a decade of experience building software for start-ups & large companies.

Previously, I worked on Netflix cloud infrastructure to run software more efficiently and predictably, through data-driven schedulers and predictive systems.
For example, I've implemented an oversubscription mechanism on top of kubernetes, leading double-digit percentage cost savings on the containers platform.

I have expertise in large-scale convex optimization, sparse models, combinatorial optimization and computation in low-latency environments.

Links to public things I've worked on:

I graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, and Lycée Louis-Le-Grand.
I live in San Francisco with my 2 young boys and wife.

My hobbies include being mediocre at all of the following: music production, embedded Linux & DSP, computational acoustics, CAD, electronics and woodworking.
My latest obsession is logic synthesis for ML hardware.

Other things: